Iron deficiency anemia - Iron

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Craving and chewing ice: A sign of anemia?

This iron loss.

  • Causes Iron deficiency anemia occurs when your body doesn't have enough iron to produce hemoglobin.

  • Tangerinesโ€ข Menstruation causes the loss of red blood cells.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms

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  • blood loss through heavy periods or internal bleeding Bleeding in your stomach or intestines may also cause anemia in adults who are no longer menstruating.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Eat iron-rich foods alongside those rich in vitamin C.

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  • Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinachโ€ข Sickle cell disease.


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  • Chest pain, fast heartbeat or shortness of breathโ€ข Blood contains iron within red blood cells.

  • As the name implies, iron deficiency anemia is due to insufficient iron.