Preventdefault - preventDefault() Event Method

2022.12.22 18:22:25


insertBefore warningBox , myTextbox.

  • CS Subjectsโ€ข Here we discuss the introduction to jQuery preventDefault along with respective examples.

  • Example 2 The following example illustrates how the preventDefault method can be used to prevent the submission of a form.


They are helper functions created to make sure the events have consistent properties across different browsers.

  • Data Entry.

  • There is a submit button that submits the data of the form.


jQuery code to show the working of the preventDefault function: Code 1: This code will prevents the browser from going to another page.

  • Preventing a Submit button from submitting a formโ€ข nodeValue, endDateInput.

  • Preventing a link from opening the URL, thereby, stopping the browser to go to another page.

gallery.royalmailgroup.comtDefault not working as intended

Corporate Trainingโ€ข body.

  • Here clicked anchor tags will not redirect the browser to the new URL, instead it will do the rest of the work and append data to the div tag.

  • LIVEโ€ข Below screenshot is taken when the above code gets executed.