Dipole moment - 1.4: Dipoles

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3.2: Mathematical Definition of Dipole Moment


  • As with the results above, we want our final answer in terms of the dipole moment, not the charge and separation.

  • Then calculated or visually consider the sum of those vectors.

3.2: Mathematical Definition of Dipole Moment

Essentials of computational chemistry 2nded.

  • Deki.

  • Step 3 Predict the molecule's geometry.

1.4: Dipoles

Ojeda, P.

  • Mathematical Methods for Physics.

  • 284 Debye, internuclear distance of 1.

Dipole moments


  • Deki.

  • 10: A Geophysical Example Thumbnail: Field of two positive and two negative point charges constituting a non-ideal electric quadrupole.

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