Sg2 ์ฐจ์ข… - SG2 Steel for Kitchen Knives: What to Expect

2023.01.04 14:30:07

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SG2 steel is an abbreviation of Super Gold 2 steel which is high-carbon stainless steel manufactured following the powder metallurgy process.

  • Hardness also brings out brittleness, which is something that SG2 steel keeps.

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Healthcare Analytics & Market Trends

Its edge retention is at par with other powder metallurgy-produced steels like S35VN and Magnacut.

  • However, not many new kitchen knives or other tools use SG2 steel anymore.

  • SG2 Steel vs The main difference between SG2 and Blue steel is that SG2 is stainless steel while Blue steel is non-stainless steel hence SG2 offers better corrosion and rust resistance compared to blue steel.

Healthcare Analytics & Market Trends

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  • Sharpening SG2 steel is an easy one to sharpen.

  • It makes the steel more brittle but eases machinability.

Healthcare Analytics & Market Trends

Characteristics of SG2 steel knives When you take the steel and forge it to make a blade, there is a lot to cover on the finished product.

  • With correct use and adequate care, an SG2 steel knife can last you for many years to come.

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Across many varieties of steel, there are some prevalent names.

  • The kitchen knives made from SG2 are mainly Japanese-styled.

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