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2022.12.11 15:52:39

gallery.royalmailgroup.com: Customer reviews: CHERRY G80

the merely finger shaking make noise, and typing cause more.

  • WIN key lockout• It is very distracting.

  • It's lighter than you expect it to be while still managing to have to solid build quality.

gallery.royalmailgroup.com: Customer reviews: CHERRY G80

There is either, appropriate code examples linked or suitable device captures attached Edited Dec 30, 2021 by.

  • Number of additional keys: 1.

  • It definitely doesn't feel the same as your standard MX Blue or MX Brown switches, but it still feels mechanical and your coworkers will like you more.


Left leg clicks into place with minimal force, right leg needs the force of Thor's hammer to make it click into place.

  • The key press felt "mushy", the casing felt cheap, and after 3 hours of use in the office myself and several coworkers all agreed that the keyboard isn't even comparatively quiet.

  • - Cable coming out the top right looks a lot cleaner than the typical out-the-back look.

[New Device] Cherry G80

I'm so regret.

  • After reading some online reviews I was excited to try out the silent switch, which according to the blogs make this one of the quietest mechanical keyboards available.

  • Most of the positives are really good, and most of the negatives are nitpicks, but this is not the perfect keyboard.

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