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Whether this is because Reze was always capable of attraction towards another woman or Makima's working identically regardless is unclear.

  • After Denji killed the mafia group, he swore revenge and became a servant of the Gun Devil.

  • The Typhoon Killer makes a rat and cheese analogy when cornering her on the school rooftop.

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Chainsaw Man is one of the best Shonen series that is currently running with its popularity in steep raise.

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  • Makima, being , decapites her anyway.


Despite regularly proclaiming her low opinion of humans, Power slowly learns to love Denji and Aki like a family -- even if she isn't the easiest roommate to live with.

  • Himeno then goes on to develop an even deeper relationship with Aki to the point of falling in love with him.

  • Though something of a , she bonds to Denji quickly, and they finish the final chapter hugging each other in their sleep.