Pixelmon - Pixelmon Mod

2023.01.18 08:16:18

Pixelmon Mod

They follow a ranking system, too.

  • Fixed Sylveon's level range• Changes:• - Gold Bottle Cap: Added to Tier 3 PokeLoot• Fixed catching small Pokemon being a bit too difficult- increased the catch radius• Added BreedingLogicProxy and BreedingLogicFactory for swappable breeding logic via sidemod.

  • Milcery failing to evolve into Strawberry Lemon Cream Alcremie.

Pixelmon Generations

yml as it is no longer in use.

  • Fixed Happiny evolution issues.

  • Lunatone's 'Gibbous' form displaying as 'None'.

Pixelmon Mod

Fixed Pokemon unable to use Z-Move after they've been flinched trying to use a Z-Move• No current usage besides servers creating a custom usage.

  • Drowned World will now respawn you to your Overworld teleport location once you swim out of the world's bound heights.

  • Added PartyStorage enterTemporaryMode.

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