Gore - Gore

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In other words, Elhauge's logic here is that voting machines can improperly accept ballots in addition to improperly rejecting ballots.

  • June 2001.

  • ] for its final determination of [.

Bush v. Gore

Otherwise, their position is wholly without merit.

  • .

  • supremecourt.


argues that the problem of invalid votes being improperly treated as valid votes could only be dealt with by recounting all of the ballots since such ballots would not be readily identifiable as overvotes but would instead be mixed in with other ballots that are also classified as valid votes.

  • 2002 : "The outrage against the stay by 673 law professors is, to say the least, overwrought.

  • Supreme Court to stay the decision and halt the recount.


Toobin, Jeffrey 2007.

  • On the other hand, under scenarios involving review of limited sets of ballots uncounted by machines, Bush would have kept his lead.

  • Late-filing criteria are at note 5.

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