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Git Tutorial => Recover a dropped stash


Git Tutorial => Recovering earlier changes from stash

Git Tutorial => Recover a dropped stash

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[Git] 삭제한 Stash 복구하는 방법


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  • By default, stashes are identified simply as a "WIP" — work in progress — on top of the branch and commit that you created the stash from.


y Saved working directory and index state WIP on master: 1b65b17 added the index file If you stash some work, leave it there for a while, and continue on the branch from which you stashed the work, you may have a problem reapplying the work.

  • Git has a build in model named 3-states which is the internal git structure for working with local repository.

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[Git] 삭제한 Stash 복구하는 방법

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