Riot client - How to uninstall riot client? : riotgames

2022.12.29 18:08:49

How do i uninstall Riot client? : riotgames

Valiant, also known as VALORANT, is a free-to-play first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows.

  • To play the game, however, the developers recommend a CPU of at least an Intel Core i3-4150.

  • You will need a stable internet connection because this is an online game.

How to uninstall riot client? : riotgames

First, check the server status.

  • You can use the search by the windows start menu to search for riot then right click the launcher then open file location.

  • How do you clean and reinstall a gaming console? The first way is much easier than going through all those steps manually; however, if you want more control over what gets installed where then this is for you! Notification: Players who feel that the driver is intrusive can uninstall Vanguard without removing Valiant.

Check your PC to eliminate possible application conflicts and system failures.

  • But if you can't find one or afford one just delete it manually.

  • In such cases, RiotClientServices.