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2022.10.30 13:49:41

The Basics of

For example, the build-project script above can be invoked with yarn run build-project and will run node build-project.

  • json in the project: We can use the command provided by npm or yarn package manager to initialize this package.

  • System You can provide system-level information associated with your package, such as operating system compatibility, etc.

Links Various links to documentation, places to file issues and where your package code actually lives.

  • The package.

  • UPSCโ€ข If defined, the preinstall script is called by yarn before your package is installed.

Difference between tilde ( ~ ) and caret ( ^ ) in

2, 1.

  • RD Sharma Solutionsโ€ข The npm package versioning system has strict rules.

  • Inside your package.