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Viewing your activity, you can view by week, day, or month to see how you are progressing over time.

  • The lack of screen means you'll have to rely on the mobile app to see all your data, but it does a lot more than just count your steps and log your weight.

  • For that reason, Amazon limits this feature to those who are at least 18 years old.

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Halo tracks your activity with opaque "points.

  • We'd like to help however we can.

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MOVEMENT• Intense categories — like a strenuous workout — earn the most points.

  • The app also tries to help with various color coding.

  • Designed with privacy in mind Health is personal, and your privacy is our priority.

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Plus muscle is more dense than fat, and a scale can't tell the difference between the two.

  • The entire diet industry was built on it with programs, apps and devices that revolve around ways to lose pounds.

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In a new installment of Halo the Series: Declassifed, host Sydnee Goodman chats with actress Yerin Ha Kwan Ha about her character's journey from average kid to freedom fighter.

  • How does Halo protect my privacy? You can see how much of your time speaking fits into these categories.

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